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Master Leonard Pratt, founded the Total Control System of Tae Kwon Do and established Pratt's Karate Club in 1979. Master Pratt and Master Theresa Pratt began the PKC children's program in 1981. He had over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts training and over 20 years of experience as a black belt instructor in Taekwondo.

During this time the Pratt family would teach their program to the local communities throughout central Texas. He dedicated his life towards becoming the best martial artist he could be, while at the same time, ensuring that his students do the same. After the passing of Master Leonard Pratt, his son Jason Pratt took his place as head of the PKC organization. The Pratt family will ensure the life of PKC and keep the beliefs and teachings of his father as Master Jason Pratt.

PKC KARATE's one-on-one attention with each and every student is what makes us unique among other martial arts programs. The dedication has paid off, as PKC has had several students ranked #1 in Texas as well as the United States. PKC is founded in the belief that, in order to become a complete martial artist, one needs to be schooled in several disciplines and have an open mind.

Although PKC is grounded in Tae Kwon Do, we incorporate the arts of Kobudo, Hapkido, and Jujitsu into our training program due to our open atmosphere. PKC is also a part of the “Superfoot System” under Grandmaster Bill Wallace.  Bill “Superfoot” Wallace is the only undefeated World kickboxing champion known for his lightening kicks, the student of PKC will be trained under the “Superfoot System” when kicking. PKC is also a member of United States Taekwondo Association under Grandmaster Richard Chun.  Grandmaster Chun was one of the highest-ranking Grandmasters over the art Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo in the United States until he passed on November 15, 2017. 

Master Pratt belives that one needs to be able to react to any situation, and it is our belief that ALL martial art styles offer benefits to their students. Therefore, we welcome any and all students from other styles into our program to learn from us, as well as teach us aspects of their training that help us become better martial artists.

Master Leonard Pratt believed that martial arts is much more than just an art---it's a way of life. Therefore, he had developed the "Total Control System of Tae Kwon Do" with this belief as its cornerstone. The Total Control System (TC System) is the ability to execute any technique at maximum force and gauge your target with any level of contact. This contact being inches into or away from your target, being able to understand your limbs and your target with distance and timing. Master Leonard Pratt was known with his mastery of control by spin hook kicking a single penny from his partner's mouth. This is an important aspect in the martial arts to fully control your body and the mind as non-hostile is our way. As a result, PKC KARATE offers its students (young and young at heart) a complete martial arts program with emphasis on the following:

  • A strong conditioning program second to none
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Reality and weapons self-defense
  • Tournament sport karate and traditional forms
  • Weapons training
  • Family base events such as Camps and Professional Martial Art Shows

When it comes to martial arts training, we've got what you're looking for. So stop by or contact us to begin your martial arts journey and become a member of the PKC family. Together let's Make it Happen!

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PKC KARATE Program Events

At PKC Karate, building teamwork, a competitive spirit and family is very important to us. That is why in every session PKC Karate has a event that is mandatory to attend and or participate.

These events are important to attend for they are part of the requirement for each students's rank and building of character. The events are geared around all the PKC locations brining the schools together. The atmosphere creates a good family enviroment through tournaments, camps and Martial Art shows. Pratt's Karate Club will also compete in the national open tournament circuit but this is optional for the students.


PKC KARATE Tournaments

tournament pic

In the Fall Session we will have Team Tournament "Clash of the Titans" for team competition. This competition is highly important to build their team spirit and working with a team to achieve a goal. The team is allowed to have their own team name and colors with only needing a team t-shirt and gi bottoms as their attire. Their goal is to obtain the highest tally of team.

In the Spring Session we will have our individual Tournament "The Texas Showdown" for individual competition. This competition is important to have a student work toward preparation and perform under pressure. The same aspects needed during a belt test or in life. The individual tournament means that the student will be competing by their self in Form and in point Sparring. They will be going against other students of the same age, height, gender and belt rank. They will be judged by martial art Black Belts to determine victory. In this tournament, each student will have a chance to compete for trophies and their photos will be placed in the local newspaper. 

 PKC KARATE Ninja Camps

In the late fall, PKC Karate has a camp called "Ninja Camp." This camp is a family weekend camp that deals with survival, teamwork and competition. This camp is a camp out and will require supplies such as a tent and camping gear. This is a chance to bring the martial arts and family outing together along with an all day and weekend activities. These activities include team building exercises, survival skills, team challenges that require thinking outside the box, fishing, rope rappelling and team self defense against "ninjas". The activities start at on Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon where teams have a chance to tally up their points and see how they did against one another. You DO NOT have to be in martial arts to participate in this camp. This is about coming together as a family and enjoying the outdoors throughout the day and the night.

 PKC KARATE Black Belt Show and Ceremony

Every year PKC Karate puts on a Martial Arts Show and Ceremony at Texas State University. This show is in honor of PKC Karate’s newest black belt graduating class. At this ceremony students will be recognized and awarded for their yearly efforts in school and A/B honor roll along with their great achievements in the Marital Arts. The performances are performed by martial artists from across Texas and are done on stage with lighting and music coordinated by professionals. This is a very special time and we would love if everyone could make this once in a lifetime event.

 kick show