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Master Leonard Pratt - Pratt's Karate Club Founder

Master Leonard Pratt founded the Total Control System of Tae Kwon Do and established Pratt's Karate Club in 1979. Master Leonard Pratt and Master Theresa Pratt began the PKC children's program in 1981. Master Pratt had over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts training and over 20 years of experience as a black belt instructor. PKC is founded in the belief that in order to become a complete martial artist, one needs to be schooled in several disciplines. Although PKC is grounded in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do, he had incorporated the arts of Hapkido, Kick Boxing and Judo into the program.

Master Pratt's one-on-one attention with each and every student is what made him unique among other martial arts Masters. The dedication of teaching the martial arts had paid off, as PKC has had several students ranked #1 in Texas as well as the United States through the AOK circuit in the 1990's.

He stated once "One needs to be able to react to any situation, and it is our belief that ALL martial art styles offer benefits to their students".  Therefore, he welcomed any and all students from other styles into the program to learn, as well as teach aspects of their training that help others become better martial artists.

Master Pratt believed that martial arts is much more than just an art, it's a way of life. Therefore, he has developed the Total Control System of Tae Kwon Do with this belief as its cornerstone. The Total Control system is the the ability to "know" the distance and timing of your blocks, Kicks and strikes. He always stated that if you can not control it you must not throw it. He would demostrate this by kicking pennies out of his partners lips with cresent and hook kicks. Master Pratt will never be forgotten and is seen through every student and instructor everyday at Pratt's Karate Club.

 "A vision from a father to a son, a promise from a son to his father..."



Grandmaster Jason Lee Pratt (7th degree) Pratt's Karate Club President

Grandmaster Jason Pratt started the martial arts at the age of 4 years old in 1982. Son and student of Master Leonard Pratt and Theresa Pratt, Jason did not receive rank till the age of 8 years old due to his parent's being strict in his training. Jason helped instruct with kids and adults at the age of 12 and traveling to many tournament circiuts where he was ranked #1 in Texas in his advance color belt rank through the AOK circuit.

Jason received his adult black belt on August 14th 1992 at the age of 14. He had trained with many outside martial artist that his father exposed him to in tournaments and sinimars in Texas. He had performed in Black Belts Shows and Ceremonies for "American Society of Karate" "Hill Country Karate" and "Austin Society of Karate at a young age". While attending college at Texas State majoring in Exercise and Sports Science he met many Marial Artist and trained with them with an open mind.

Jason Pratt started an adult class in Buda in 2000 and later became the director of the Buda location where his mother Theresa Pratt helped him as the commanding instructor.
In September of 2003 Master Leonard Pratt passed away leaving PKC's fate to the Black Belt family of PKC Karate. The organization came together and Jason Pratt took his fathers place as head of the PKC organization with all the trust and love of all the Black Belt family they have all kept PKC alive. In November 2003 Jason Pratt once again was ranked #1 in Texas in tournament sparring through the NBL. Jason Pratt competed in the NBL World Games where he took 6th in sparring dedicating the experience to his father.
He has trained and performed with a XMA team "Team Extreme" based out of San Antonio where he competed and performed in tournaments and martial art shows. He has trained internationally and performing siminars such as in Niagara Falls, Canada and Brisbane, Australia. In 2011 he was promoted to 6th dan by Grandmaster Richard Chun becoming a Senior Master for the United States Tae Kwon Do Association. On August 16th 2014 - PKC KARATE's President, Jason Pratt was nominated by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and inducted in the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master Pratt was given the title "2014 Korean Martial Arts Master of the Year" All inductee's names of the Hall of Fame were placed on record and all of thier signatures was placed in the National Sport Karate Museum.
Recently on October of 2019 Jason Pratt tested in front of Grandmaster Bill Wallace and was promoted to 6th degree in the Bill Superfoot Wallace system.  On November 3rd 2019 Jason Pratt tested and was promoted to 7th dan in Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo by Grandmaster Cook under Grandmaster Richard Chun's United Taekwondo Association.  The test board would would include 8th dan Grandmaster Pablo Alejandro, one of Grandmaster Chun's first students and Kukkiwon 9th dan Grandmaster Kyu-Hyun Lee.  Jason Pratt would earn the title Grandmaster and Kwanjangnim.  At this time he continues to train, teach and build the PKC system and will keep is promise to his father to never give PKC up.



 Master Theresa Pratt (5th Dan) - Pratt's Karate Club Founder


Theresa Pratt began training in the Martial Arts in 1976 under Master Leonard Pratt at the age of 17.  In 1978, Theresa would marry Leonard Pratt and started Pratt's Karate Club in 1979 at Lexington, Tx.  Ms. Pratt would instruct the children's program as Master Pratt taught the adult program.  Theresa Pratt would compete at lcoal and national tournaments where she received rank of #1 in the United States in 1987 as a Red Belt in the Open karate Circuit. in women's sparring  Ms. Pratt received her 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1988 under Master Leonard Pratt in Elgin, Tx.  She is currently teaching at the Buda, Tx location where she directs the PKC children demo team.  The Demo team performs at Martial art shows and local festivals. She is still currently training and competing still to this day.

Theresa Pratt - "Fight like A Girl! Not Ms. Pratt……….My son has asked each black belt within PKC Karate to write a bio and attach a picture.Where to begin was the biggest challenge for me without writing a novel on the years behind me as a martial artist. I found myself stuck on what to put on paper while the martial artist aspect of me was concerned about propagating an inaccurate message about the martial arts that we teach at PKC Karate.

 The love for me began in the early 70’s when Bruce Lee was the explosion and Chuck Norris and Bill Wallace were the champs in the ring. I married into it! As all couples have common interests, the physical fitness of the martial arts were ours, thus began PKC Karate, he as the instructor and I as the first student. Thirty plus years later (30+), still heavily involved and loving every bit of it.

 As awkward as some of the techniques were for my body to accomplish, what the lesson that I learned was that martial arts, Tae Kwon Do is not about fighting, it was about redirecting energy, going with the flow, maintaining healthy boundaries, self-development and self preservation, among many other things. Tae Kwon Do, the art of kicking and punching! The reality of this hand to hand training taught me how to think clearly, stay focused and respond appropriately in a combative situation within a ring, while all along enjoying the accomplishments when mastering a technique demonstrated.Martial Arts to me are truly much more like a lifetime self-improvement workshop than a Fight Club. I’ve raised three wonderful children, all black belts within the club. They are as diverse as the students enrolled in the club that practice the Total Control System philosophy, techniques, tradition with a strong bond of family. Fight like a Girl, not me. When I step into a ring, I appreciate the gentlemen who state, I can’t hit a woman; that’s my advantage ………………I’ll take it!"



Mary Lou Payne (4th Dan)

Mary Lou (Pratt) Payne began the Martial arts at age 5 years old in 1984. As the daughter of Master Leonard Pratt and Theresa Pratt it was difficult for Mary to advance in rank due to having perfectionist as parents. Mary was exposed to many Martial Artist through tournaments and shows and trained with many martial artist that was connected to PKC. Mary recieved her black belt in PKC on August 28th 1993 at the age of 14.

Mary helped instruct children and adults along side her family. In 1996 Mary and Leonard Pratt taught many after school programs for Austin ISD along with performing many shows together. In 1998 her career forced her to be inactive and it would be 6 years later that she would return to PKC and under her married name Mary Payne. It is today she instructs at the Hutto location working with children and adults. Mary, as her childhood also has her entire family in the martial arts as well. Mary holds a 4th Dan in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do and is the founder for Hutto Martial Arts.



















Clay Bulls (4th Dan)

Mr. Clay Bulls began his martial arts journey in 1986 at the age of 13. He currently has over 26 years of martial arts experience and 19 years as a black belt (receiving his first black belt in 1993 in Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwon). His passion for the martial arts led him to PKC in 1996. After moving to Austin from New Zealand (where he trained with the NZ World Tae Kwon Do team in Palmerston North), he sought out a program that shared his beliefs and strong work ethic in martial arts training. Needless to say, he was blown away by PKC! He began training in Austin under the direction of Mr. Mike Heffley where he was introduced to  Master Leonard Pratt. Master Pratt encouraged Clay to continue to grow in the art and graciously extended him an inviation to join PKC. In 1999, after completing all phases of his candidate training, he tested for and was awarded his 2nd Dan black belt in the Total Control System. This, by far, was the most difficult  yet rewarding experience of his martial arts career. He quickly embraced the PKC vision of being a true martial arts family. He also realized that, in order to become a complete martial artist, he need the multi-system approach offered through the Total Control System. He began teaching the PKC Austin location with Mr. Sean Fry in 1999. In 2000, Mr. Bulls was accepted to the Wake Forest University School of Medicine Physician Assistant program. During school, however, his love and passion for PKC never waivered. While at school, he developed the first website for PKC Karate. Upon completing school, his career in medicine lead him to Abilene, Texas. After the tragic death of Master Leonard Pratt, Mr. Bulls and Master Jason Pratt opened the first long-distance program of PKC. In 2005, Mr. Bulls (now a 3rd Dan) opened Southern Hills Tae Kwon Do, the PKC Abilene location. Since that time, PKC Abilene has been instrumental in community outreach with a special focus on children less fortunate in our community. We continue to hold dear the core values of PKC developed and fostered by PKC founder Master Leonard Pratt. Mr. Bulls also stands firm with Master Jason Pratt to never give up PKC. He has been amazed at the growth of PKC over the last few years, and is very proud of name that the organization has made for itself in the martial arts world. He continues to be a student in the martal arts as well. In April of 2012, Mr. Bulls tested for and achieved the level of 4th Dan Junior Master in PKC. He continues to be the PKC director of Southern Hills Tae Kwon Do teaching the PKC curriculum to both children and adults. He is extremely proud to be PKC and will continue to make sure our organization offers THE BEST program to our students.

"It is my belief that in order to be a complete martial artist, one must be trained to handle ANY situation......both physically, mentally, and spiritually. I also believe that we as martial artists are a family and should continue to grow as students and share our art with others. We must have an open mind and a willingness to learn from others. We must also train and prepare ourselves daily, not resting on lessons learned in the past. I am very proud to be PKC! I truly believe that we offer THE BEST program around, but don't take my word for it. Come join us at any of our PKC locations, and together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!"










 Jody Oliver (4th Dan)

 Mr. Oliver began training in 1996 under Master Leonard Pratt in McDade, Tx.  He worked close with Master Pratt on graphic design and marketing of PKC KARATE.  Jody would assist Master Jason Pratt on the condidtioning program as a colored belt and help motivate the candidates of black belt.  Mr. Oliver would receive his rank of Black Belt in May 2000 where he would become the head instructor of the Elgin classes.  Mr. Oliver holds at 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and currently is the Black Belt candidate instructor.  Mr. Oliver teaches still the old way, hard work and very strict training, the PKC Black Belts are thankful to have such a devoted instructor to the art as it brought out the best in all.














Danielle Newcomb (3rd Dan)

In January of 1993, at the age of eight, Danielle began her journey into martial arts.

 At Austin Society of Karate (ASK), training under Greg Beaver, Danielle gained a great deal of experience with competition and performances. She loved going to tournaments and performing in Black Belt shows, her first performance was her fathers. At the age of eleven she topped out of the children’s program as a third degree red belt, however she was not old enough to attend the adults program.

After topping out of ASK Danielle joined a school that focused mainly on self defense, joint locks, and throws. In December of 1995 she began training with her mother at South Austin Karate. South Austin Karate teaches a style called Ba Ki Do, meaning “The Bainton Way”. This system is a first generation school founded by Sensei Michael J Bainton, who holds black belts in both Kung Jung Mul Sul and Hap Ki Do. Spending three and a half years with Sensei Bainton, Danielle grew as both a person and a martial artist. On April 10 of 1999 she tested with her father and they received black belts together.

In July of 1999 Danielle decided it was time for another change and found Central Texas Kung Fu Exchange (CTKFE; now known as Austin Fitness Martial Arts) under Sifu Jeff Hughes, who was trained by Sigung Raymond Fogg.  She loved being immersed in the Chinese culture and within her first year with CTKFE she was competing as an intermediate student. During her six years with CTKFE she traveled and trained in many different cities, states, and even went to China in the summer of 2002 for competition. In 2005 Danielle took a step back from all established schools to reevaluate what she was searching for in Martial Arts.  Taking a little over a year she practiced on her own, outside of a school environment.

In October of 2006 she found a home at Pratt’s Karate Club (PKC) and began working out with PKC on a regular basis. In May of 2008 Danielle was invited to join the pre-conditioning program. She accepted the challenge and was repaid with one of the most exhilarating and challenging years of her life. Pre-conditioning tested her body and soul, and over the course of the year she grew more than ever before.

Danielle reflected on her experience saying, “This year has been the hardest I have ever faced in my sixteen years of martial arts. I believe that Pratt’s Karate Club’s Candidate Program is one of the most difficult and most rewarding programs I have ever been a part of and I believe that anyone going through this program will change. Pratt’s Karate Club and the people in it have become a family to me. And I am a better person for it.”





Steve Partin (4th Dan)


 Steve Partin started the martial arts at age 5 in Buda, TX in 1997 under Mr. Mike Heffely.  As a junior in the program Steve would be apart of the Buda Children Demo Team and would perform for town festivals and martial art shows.  Mr. Partin would receive rank of Black Belt in 2003 under Master Jason Pratt.  Steve currently holds the rank for 3rd Degree Black Belt and currently one of PKC KARATE's top fighter.  Mr. Partin helps strength trains and works on sparring with the adult program at the Buda location.  Mr. "Big Steve" Partin is currently a student at U.T., a great addition to the PKC Black Belts and a fine example of the outcome of the children's program.
























Abbey Schultz (4th Dan)

Abbey Schultz started the Martial Arts in 2004 at the age of 17 in Buda, TX under Master Jason Pratt.  Ms. Schultz has a strong work ethic as she trained hard through the colored belt ranks she would receive rank of Black Belt in 2008.  Abbey would be voted for "Instructor of the Year" numerous times since then and has become one of the Buda locations main instuctors.  Abbey continues to train and currently holds the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  


























Trish Weeks (3rd Dan)

Trish Weeks is a recent addition to the PKC Black Belt family. "More than anything, I love teaching, especially kids. Whether it is Bible, math, science or martial arts, teaching is my passion." Even as a color belt, she began helping teach kid's class and now that she has her 1st Dan she continues to be an assistant instructor for both kids and adults.

Other women have seen her perseverance through the candidacy program and commented that she inspired them to begin martial arts. She believes karate has helped strengthen her physically and mentally and wants to share that experience with others who are on the same path. She wants to encourage and empower women and children to realize that they are stronger than they think they are and can do more than they think they can.

Beginning martial arts later in life has been a challenge, but has made her depend even more on the promise:  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."


 Marissa Partin (3rd Dan)


Eric Ralston (1st Dan)

 Brannon Hightower (2nd Dan)

 Jeff Kyle (1st Dan)

 Andre Patterson (1st Dan)



Russell Holder (2nd Dan)

Trevor Parker (1st Dan)


Chris Tansey (2nd Dan)